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Are you feeling achey, stiff, stressed, anxious, fragile, ungrounded...?

Are you wanting to feel more resilient, vital, fluid, grounded, calm...?

Your body has the inner capacity to unwind, dissolve pain and tension, return to vitality and resilience, and feel grounded. Sometimes it takes a witnessing presence to remind your body of its innate fluid Life Force, and to bring it to your awareness.

Know Thyself Massage is licensed massage therapist, Lorna Koestner

I work with your own body's desire for vitality and aliveness, it's desire to be unstuck, and to be grounded. I work primarily by releasing the body's connective tissue, which surrounds every muscle fiber, organ and other structure. Releasing the connective tissue, also called fascia, is the key to everything else!

Read more about how and why I work with fascia here.

I work in the Sanctuary Healing Collective, in the Arrowhead Place building at 205 W 2nd Street, in downtown Duluth. Directions and Parking

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I do not have online scheduling, so please call if you'd like to schedule a session.

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